Monday, November 16, 2020 12:00 AM - Friday, November 20, 2020 11:59 PM

3rd Interstellar Probe Exploration Workshop

Venue: Virtual

Meeting Location and Dates
The 3rd Annual Interstellar Probe Exploration Workshop will be held virtually on November 16–20, 2020.

Purpose and Scope
The 3rd Annual Interstellar Probe Exploration Workshop is being organized for heliophysicists, planetary scientists, astrophysicists, and engineers from all over the world. The purpose of the workshop is to gather together and discuss the objectives, design, and operations for a near-term, pragmatic interstellar probe mission.

This workshop is organized by a team at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory studying such a mission for the Heliophysics Division in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

We invite wide participation and welcome input and discussion on valuable science goals, operational scenarios, and technologies relevant to a high-escape-speed, heliophysics-focused mission that launches by 2030. Topics of interest can apply to flight systems, ground systems, data processing, and more.

Science Traceability Matrix
The latest version of the Science Traceability Matrix is available by clicking here.

Virtual Poster Session
Please take a moment to review the posters that were submitted to this workshop, which you can access by clicking here. You can review the posters, listen to recorded presentations by the authors, and post questions for authors to respond to all through the website linked above.

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Agenda and Presentations

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