COSPAR Panel on Interstellar Research (PIR)


The Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) is a science initiative within the International Science Council (ISC) and was established by the ISC predecessor organization, the International Council for Science, in 1958 as an interdisciplinary scientific body. COSPAR is concerned with the progress on an international scale of all kinds of scientific investigations carried out with space vehicles, rockets and balloons.

Within the Scientific Structure of COSPAR there are both Scientific Commissions and Panels. The Panel on Interstellar Research (PIR) draws upon international expertise in heliospheric research to formulate the scientific hypotheses and required instrumentation for a near-term, dedicated, interstellar precursor mission. As such, and working under the auspices of COSPAR, the PIR provides a focal point for near-term interstellar probe studies from around the world.

Panel on Interstellar Research (PIR)

Chair: McNutt, R. (USA)

Vice-Chair: Wimmer-Schweingruber, R. (Germany)

Executive Secretary (USA), Michael Paul